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Wallet Multi-Tool Wallet Multi-Tool

11 function credit card size multi-tool that fits in your wallet

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Survival Grenade Survival Grenade

17 piece survival kit with essential fishing components wrapped in paracord

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Covert Academy T-shirt Covert Academy T-shirt

"Come with me if you want to live!" Let people know you are prepared for survival and a patron of Covert Academy. If they ask about your spy skills, tell them they too can learn a particular set of skills by taking classes at Covert Academy.

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SOS Survival Kit SOS Survival Kit

This is a 6-function survival kit with absolute essentials for anything from an extreme survival situation to everyday utility needs. Included is a credit card multi-tool, camping saw, fire starter with flint, emergency safety whistle, mini fold-out multi-tool, and compass. All of it fits in a small soap-dish size metal container.

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Essential Survival Card Decks Essential Survival Card Decks

This is a collection of three card decks. Not only are they good for card games, one deck includes Survival Tips, another teaches how to handle extreme emergencies like Worse-case Scenarios, while the third is a Fit-Deck of core exercises to help keep you in top condition. Get all three for one low price!

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