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Wallet Multi-Tool Wallet Multi-Tool

11 function credit card size multi-tool that fits in your wallet

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Credit-card size folding knife Credit-card size folding knife

This knife has a metal blade that rests in a credit-card mount with a safety lock mechanism. With the blade open, the credit-card mount folds to a firm-grip handle.

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Covert Academy T-shirt Covert Academy T-shirt

"Come with me if you want to live!" Let people know you are prepared for survival and a patron of Covert Academy. If they ask about your spy skills, tell them they too can learn a particular set of skills by taking classes at Covert Academy.

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Siren Doorstop Siren Doorstop

Take this with you anytime you travel, or use it at home for added security and peace of mind. It is a door jam with a siren alarm when a door opens far enough to make contact. Sleep soundly and know you are prepared for intrusion whether accidental or intentional, friendly or otherwise.

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Essential Survival Card Decks Essential Survival Card Decks

This is a collection of three card decks. Not only are they good for card games, one deck includes Survival Tips, another teaches how to handle extreme emergencies like Worse-case Scenarios, while the third is a Fit-Deck of core exercises to help keep you in top condition. Get all three for one low price!

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The Spike The Spike

Incredible self-defense tool!  One of the absolute best for adapting to any dress style --casual, formal, business smart, beachwear, sports, etc.  It includes a protective sheath and quick-release tether.  Watch our Covert Academy training video on YouTube to learn how to use this item.

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The Best Tactical Pen The Best Tactical Pen

This covert tactical pen is made of incredibly strong aircraft aluminum and designed for maximum devastation to any attacker. From dozens of similar tactical pens, this one has a superior design to both its grip and business end. This pen *will* save your life in the event of a physical attack! Be sure to watch Covert Academy's training video on how to use this self-defense weapon.

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Tactical Flashlight Tactical Flashlight

This is a state-of-the-art tactical flashlight, and one of the absolute best self-defense gadgets available. In addition to a blinding LED light and beveled lens-edge, it offers a stunning surprise to any attacker making physical contact. Includes charger and travel case.

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Strike Light Strike Light

Heavy-duty flashlight with extreme self-defense feature including ridged metal points, firm grip handle and extension ability. Use it as is, or extend the telescope handle for a longer reach.

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Covet Belt Covet Belt

For correct sizing: Measure your existing belt from the edge of the buckle to the current hole you use now. Select the matching belt size in inches from the list below. Round-up if the measurement if not exact.

X-SM=31"-33", SM=34"-36", M=37"-39", L=40"-42", XL=43"-45", XXL=46"-48"

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Clock Cam Clock Cam

This is a covert HD camera inside a digital clock. It holds a 16 GB or 32 GB SSD and records based on motion sensitivity. Leave this running in your hotel room to record possible theft, or use it at home to verify the sitter is behaving properly while children are in their care.

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Throw Light Throw Light

Imagine there is an intruder in your home and you have no weapon to defend yourself with. Toss the Throw Lite in their direction for the ultimate distraction and ear-piercing alarm.

  • 6 Cree XTE LED's always face upward and provide over 1,000 Lumens of power
  • Disorienting Strobe and 130db Siren
  • Single Button Wireless Remote: On, Off, Strobe Siren
  • Safer, Reuseable Alternative to the Flash Bang
  • Rechargeable LiPo Battery

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